Shut+ was designed as a simple approach for device (camera, microphone and/or bluetooth) state monitoring and privacy control.

Device Choosing

Like any self improving process, everything starts with setting your goals and committing to them


Active Analysis

Shut provides an active analysis option that will monitor the state of your devices when the app is closed


Start Using the App

After you've configured the app and settled on the devices you can toggle the state of your device.


To temporarily disable any of the devices use the toggle button do enable/disable. As soon as the device is disabled the card will show "Protected"

Warnings Card

The warnings card will show you if ay device state was changed outside of the application. Under the notifications tab these warnings can be cleared.

Log History

Check what happened in a given time and date to your active devices


Get a notification for each made change on the device state

Intuitive design

Intuitive layout gives nature of the made change on the chosen date and time

Monitoring Tools

Monitor the state of your devices and see any available warnings by checking the application status bar icon. After checking in notifications tab the nature of the warnings, these can be cleared by clearing all notifications. The warning will still be available on your Log History tab.



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